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Telikos Protocol #1

1.99 usd

Humanity is on the brink of extinction, alien technology the only hope left for its underground population. But when aliens return to Earth, leaving destruction in their wake and a city in ruins, it falls to Steve Forrester, a soldier hated for a crime he did not commit, his partner Lily Goldstein and scientist John Santilli to try and save the human race. Now you can find this comic and many others on "Visionbooks - Animated Comics", our comic books market.Visionbooks delivers the perfect balance between traditional comics and computer animation. The user will be able to enjoy comics in the same way as he/she did on printed paper, but in a richer, more immersive and captivating reading experience.Our unique animated viewer technology makes comics come to life in a full screen mode, and lets the reader:* Swipe back and forth between the pages of the comic.* Double tap to access a thumbnail index of pages for easy access to pages anywhere in the comic.* Zoom on balloons for ease of reading.* Choose among available languages."Visionborne's technology will certainly change how some people read and enjoy comic books!" – Fictionfield